EIT Food - R&D Project

Campden BRI Hungary, Maspex, KSM Vision
to implement R&D project
guided by EIT Food

R&D on the automation and digitization of
the food product label quality control processes

Current solutions on the market require manual handling, especially in terms of calibration and parameterization for new formats and products.

The innovative label quality inspection  system being developed as part of the R&D project will provide 100% automated product control on production lines for two product categories – jars and pouche packaging – while simplifying the quality control procedure.

The project reflects the mission of the EIT Food organization (supported by the EIT, a body of the European Union) to create a net-zero food system
by automatizing quality control processes, reducing waste and optimizing resource utilization.



Automating and digitizing the label quality inspection process as part of the food industry’s green transformation. By preventing errors in food packaging, the project will contribute to system resilience, reduce costly recalls and maintain consumer confidence.


  • EIT Food

    Europe’s leading organization for
    food innovation, supported by the
    European Institute of Innovation
    and Technology (EIT),
    a body of the European Union,
    co-funded by the European Union.

  • Campden BRI Hungary
    Communication & Promotion

    Independent non-profit R+D+I institute
    catering to the needs of the food industry,
    agriculture and related industries. It is one
    of the most important service providers to
    food companies in Eastern and Central Europe.
    Campden BRI Hungary’s goal is to provide
    unique and competitive knowledge to
    stakeholders of the food industry.

  • Maspex
    FAT on production lines

    The largest private company in the
    food industry in Poland and one of the largest
    in Central and Eastern Europe. Sales to
    70 markets worldwide on 6 continents.

  • KSM Vision
    Design & Implementation

    Trusted partner of the automated quality control industry. Since 2012, developing proprietary AI-driven optical quality control systems. KSM Vision systems use deep neural networks, allowing manual inspection to be completely eliminated from the production process.

They have already trusted us

  • In our opinion, the use of neural networks and the function of classifying detected defects distinguish the KSM Vision solution from competitive solutions, and the effectiveness achieved by the system ensures quality control at the level of systems of leading manufacturers.
    MLEKOVITA, 1 of 100 biggest Polish private companies 2022 according to Forbes
    M.A. Engineer Dariusz Sapiński,
    President of the Board
  • When designing the solution, KSM Vision showed great flexibility in adapting the system to the expectations of the BIOFARM Production Department. (...) Since the implementation of BLISPECT vision technology on the 1st BIOFARM production line almost two years ago, the KSM Vision Service Department has been available to BIOFARM employees with a good reaction time.
    BIOFARM Jarosław Pieczuro,
    President of the Board
  • KSM Vision Sp. z o. o. has developed a system for quality control of glass vials for pills. (...) A big advantage of the system is the use of machine learning algorithms, which allows easy adjustment of the system.
    ADAMED Group Dariusz Stępień,
    Dyrektor ds. Infrastruktury i Mediów

Our R&D on the solutions with the use of neural network potential are backed by our renowned partners: