Some of the KSM Vision implementations

Trusted by the leading manufacturers in:
FMCG, pharma, construction and wood industries

Why do leading market players
choose KSM Vision's optical quality control systems?

The choice of quality control systems for a production line is a key decision that affects the efficiency and quality of production and the actual ROI (Return on Investment).

Leading market players are choosing KSM Vision. The main aspects for which KSM Vision quality control systems are positioned by them above other solutions are:

  • Scalability and adaptability – thanks to the use of machine learning, KSM Vision systems can be easily adapted to changing needs and production volumes and product formats,
  • Agile and reliable engineering team – a team of 25 engineers working together for more than a dozen years is a guarantee of the reliability of lasting cooperation combined with the flexibility of a small team,
  • Precision and durability – our systems use the highest quality hardware and software, making them reliable and leading to no downtime
  • Easy integration even into existing production lines – KSM Vision’s software is independent of the hardware used and “learns quickly” thanks to its neural network architecture; the hardware itself we choose is compact. These aspects make our solutions integrate into existing lines
  • Technical support – testimonials from our customers and repeat orders from returning customers confirm that KSM Vision’s Service Department is responsive and effective
  • Statistics, trends, reporting – with AI-based production analysis, KSM Vision’s systems provide in-depth, qualitative analysis and reports of production lines for their enabling optimization.

Our R&D on the solutions with the use of neural network potential are backed by our renowned partners: