automated quality inspection
in the service
of your production

By fusing advanced
machine learning AI algorithms
with customized hardware
we create the most innovative
optical quality control systems

Automated machine vision control with deep learning AI

At KSM Vision, since 2012 we've been a trusted partner of the quality control industry.

We serve a diverse range of sectors — woodworking, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, construction — delivering customized automated vision control solutions to the major players from these markets.

We develop proprietary AI-driven optical quality control systems (machine learning) and comprehensively integrate them into new and existing production lines,
while maintaining the reliability, precision and flexibility that our corporate clients expect from us.

KSM Vision's machine vision systems based on the deep neural networks allow us to
completely eliminate manual inspection from the entire production process and meet corporate IT requirements (data exchange, user rights management, and reporting).

Thus our systems contribute to solving the production labor availability, increasing production scalability, and minimizing losses and risks of the manufacturers.

Automated IT systems
vision-based quality control
based on deep learning AI

At KSM Vision, we are a trusted partner in the quality control industry.

Serving a variety of sectors – including the timber, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries – we provide the reliability and precision you need.

We comprehensively integrate and automate our solutions based on machine learning and custom hardware with new and existing production lines, ensuring effective control processes and quick adaptation.

Trusted by European EIT Manufacturing and backed by Intel’s oneAPI for Startups, our solution is built on a foundation of reliability.

We’re ISO9001 compliant, ensuring our standards meet global benchmarks for quality and trust.

Our R&D on the solutions with the use of neural network potential are backed by our renowned partners: