Inspect 360+ CL in dairy industry – MLEKOVITA

The MLEKOVITA Group is the largest dairy group in Central and Eastern Europe with over 90 years of tradition. The company exports its products to 167 countries around the world.

Initially, the MLEKOVITA Group’s order for KSM Vision assumed the design and implementation of a quality control solution on only 1 of the production lines.

During the successful cooperation, a total of 6 INSPECT 360+ CL optical quality control systems were installed on 6 production lines. The systems have been designed in various configurations, depending on the production requirements of a given line. Each was equipped with a rejection station for defective products.

The INSPECT 360+ CL system implemented in MLEKOVITA offers:

– inspection of PET bottle caps and checking whether the closure is correct
– checking the level of liquid (milk, kefir, yogurt) poured into the bottle

  • Solution Inspect 360+ CL
  • Client MLEKOVITA
  • In our opinion, the use of neural networks and the function of classifying detected defects distinguish the KSM Vision solution from competitive solutions, and the effectiveness achieved by the system ensures quality control at the level of systems of leading manufacturers.
    MLEKOVITA, 1 of 100 biggest Polish private companies 2022 according to Forbes
    M.A. Engineer Dariusz Sapiński,
    President of the Board
  • When designing the solution, KSM Vision showed great flexibility in adapting the system to the expectations of the BIOFARM Production Department. (...) Since the implementation of BLISPECT vision technology on the 1st BIOFARM production line almost two years ago, the KSM Vision Service Department has been available to BIOFARM employees with a good reaction time.
    BIOFARM Jarosław Pieczuro,
    President of the Board
  • KSM Vision Sp. z o. o. has developed a system for quality control of glass vials for pills. (...) A big advantage of the system is the use of machine learning algorithms, which allows easy adjustment of the system.
    ADAMED Group Dariusz Stępień,
    Dyrektor ds. Infrastruktury i Mediów

Project scope

The INSPECT 360+ CL system integration service included:

– development of the client’s own neural network architecture, which ensured appropriate performance and classification level and enabled the system sensitivity to be controlled using “tolerance” parameters for each class
– development of a common neural network model thanks to the Inspect360+ head calibration method and data that looked the same on each line
– use of the Inspect360+ mirror system patented by KSM Vision, which allowed observation of the top and sides of the cap using one camera placed from the top
– installation of a camera to check the level of liquid pouring, together with a top head and appropriately selected lighting
– facilitating the procedure of changing the head height depending on the height of the bottle by “fixing” two heights – thus minimizing the involvement of production line operators
– smooth classification offering the ability to set the tolerance level of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ caps

Our R&D on the solutions with the use of neural network potential are backed by our renowned partners: