FMCG - Cosmetic producers

Fully automated AI-powered
quality control systems
for cosmetics industry
high-volume production lines

  • Quality control in high-volume production

    The dynamics of the cosmetics industry, the strength of competition and the growing demands and awareness of consumers are only the beginning of the challenges of the cosmetics industry.

    Consumers increasingly pay attention to the composition and packaging of cosmetics (including its quality). Additionally, the influence of new trends (fashion for cosmetics and natural ingredients) and the development of the dermo cosmetics niche mean that cosmetics producers are forced to constantly look for innovations and introduce new products to the market.

    Restrictive legal requirements or changes in packaging policy (biodegradable packaging, packaging recycling, “less waste” movements) force constant changes in product packaging.

    Such dynamics of changes in the FMCG industry mean that automated quality control systems used in this sector must ensure not only uninterrupted production, minimizing losses and downtime, but also scalability, flexibility and quick change of production.

  • AI-driven quality control systems to solve the challenges of the cosmetic industry. Check how the systems from the Inspect 360+ series can support your production processes.

  • The future of the cosmetics industry with vision quality control systems based on artificial intelligence - Inspect 360+ series KSM Vision

    Inspect 360+ systems by KSM Vision take into account the specificity and complexity of the cosmetics industry:

    – based on deep neural networks, Inspect 360+ allows for the detection of defects that were not anticipated at the time of system implementation – given the variability and diversity of cosmetic production, this is an important advantage.
    – Inspect 360+ systems ensure quick response to market and production requirements – the ability to quickly and easily add new reference models and “train” the system on an ongoing basis.
    – compactness and compatibility of Inspect 360+ allows integration with the customer’s production lines – small dimensions enable installation on new and existing production lines.
    – integration with the plant’s IT systems – thanks to software based on neural networks, KSM Vision systems can be adapted to corporate requirements in terms of the manufacturer’s IT systems: data exchange, management of user rights, reporting.

  • Inspect 360+ series systems - comprehensive quality control at every stage of your production process

    Inspect 360+ LI – enables effective detection of defects in product labels, both paper and sleeve, on various types of packaging. The system is fully automated, integrated with the plant’s IT.

    Inspect 360+ LI allows you to check the correctness of EAN, UFI, BATCH codes, label content and reporting. Inspect 360+ CL is responsible for inspecting closures (caps, atomizers and others), both in terms of tightness and quality of the closure, as well as reading prints on the closures (optional). The system has the option of verifying the liquid level.

    Effective, properly performed quality control minimizes the risk of releasing defective batches of goods to the market. The benefits associated with this are:
    – early detection of a product defect may result in blocking the production of the defective product
    – prevent complications related to returns, customer complaints and possible brand reputational damage
    – maintaining product continuity, protection and safety. Cosmetics packaging is mass, high-volume production, where manual control is highly unprofitable and ineffective.

Automated systems for quality control
in the cosmetics industry
for increased profitability,
safety and competitiveness

Visual quality control, especially in industries as dynamic and demanding as cosmetics, is more effective than manual inspection.

Packaging cosmetics is a mass, high-volume production, so manual control is highly unprofitable and simply ineffective, not to mention impossible. High-volume production on high-speed production lines requires modern and automated quality control systems to ensure efficient, uninterrupted production and minimize downtime.

Effective, properly performed quality control minimizes the risk of releasing defective batches of goods to the market.

The benefits of integrating optical quality control systems in the cosmetics industry are:

  • Early detection of a product defect may result in blocking the production of the defective product.
  • Prevent complications related to returns, customer complaints and brand reputational damage. This will also ensure product continuity, protection and safety. Careful product inspection can ensure that each product reaches the desired brand standard to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • Price/performance ratio – reducing costs while increasing production efficiency means a quick return on investment in a vision quality system (ROI)

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