Innovation leader in
machine visioning
and automated
quality control

AI-powered Automated Optical Quality Control Solutions

Modern automated quality control systems for industry are designed not only to detect potential production defects, but also to collect and analyze production data to help you optimize your production processes.

At KSM Vision, we combine innovative optical systems with advanced automation, electronics and dedicated software based on artificial intelligence (deep learning AI) to deliver the most innovative automated vision quality control solutions.

As a result, our applications optimize production processes based on real data from production lines, resulting in greater precision. KSM Vision systems are tailored to corporate IT requirements: data exchange, user rights management, reporting.

The Mission

Our company exists to bring R&D solutions to the business world by developing  the most innovative and flexible vision systems for quality control.

Our products and services help solving problems in labor markets, increasing production precision, automating processes and minimizing production losses and risks for manufacturers.

We contribute to the world’s green transformation through automation and digitization of the manufacturing processes.

Agile-driven and innovation-oriented in delivering deeptech solutions to support the sustainable environment of your manufacturing processes

  • Flexibility - in customizing quality control
    solutions for our clients
  • Innovation - Agile approach of the start-up
    to stay ahead of the industry
  • AI - machine learning
    for rapid adaptation
  • Partnership-approach,
    for which our clients choose us
  • Self-sufficiency - creating solutions
    entirely within the KSM Team
  • Smart - compact hardware components
    enabling integration with any production line
  • Reliability - proven hardware
    only from leading suppliers
  • Adaptability - hardware-agnostic solutions
    (software from hardware independence)

The Founders

  • Krzysztof Malowany

    CEO / Sales

    Machine vision engineer and innovation leader focused on implementing customized quality control systems for production line manufacturers. I received my PhD from Warsaw University of Technology, where I led several research and development projects.

  • Marcin Malesa


    Technology Entrepreneur. I am passionate about innovative engineering solutions and transforming new technologies into solutions that support sustainable business development. I have built and led multidisciplinary R&D teams. I specialize in machine vision, data processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, 3D measurement and optics.

Innovation Leaders
in Automated Quality Control

At KSM Vision, since 2012 we’ve been a trusted automated quality control partner for major market players in industries such as: FMCG, pharmaceutical, timber, and construction industries.

We develop proprietary machine learning-based vision quality control systems and comprehensively integrate them into new and existing production lines, maintaining the reliability, precision and flexibility that our corporate clients expect from us.

Production automation using vision systems based on deep neural networks (deep learning AI) makes it possible to eliminate manual inspection from the entire production process, increasing the profitability and scalability of production.

The innovation of KSM Vision systems is based on the analysis of large data sets and data mining algorithms, thanks to which our solutions not only automate production processes, but contribute to their optimization based on the analysis and statistics provided.

Our R&D on the solutions with the use of neural network potential are backed by our renowned partners: