The consortium of Campden BRI Hungary, Maspex and KSM Vision launching R&D project

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A consortium of Campden BRI Hungary, Maspex and KSM Vision – supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union – is launching an R&D project in the area of automation and digitalization of label quality inspection in the food industry. The initiative will contribute to the green transformation of the food industry by supporting zero waste policies and optimizing the use of resources.

100% automated auto-calibrated label quality inspection for food industry green transformation

The R&D project includes a process for automating and digitizing label quality testing to minimize production waste caused by errors on food product labels. Current solutions on the market require manual handling, especially in terms of calibration and parameterization for new formats and products. The innovative label quality inspection system developed upon the R&D project will provide 100% automated product inspection on production lines for two product categories – jars and pouches – thus simplifying the quality control procedure.

A non-coincidental consortium under the EIT Food banner

The R&D project is being implemented by a consortium built by:

  • KSM Vision – the company developing and commercializing the quality control systems,
  • Maspex – Poland’s largest food producer and the recipient of the food industry system,
  • Campden BRI Hungary – an independent non-profit R+D+I institute serving the needs of the food industry, related industries, and agriculture.

The entire initiative has been overseen by Europe’s leading food innovation organization (EIT Food), supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) – a body of the European Union – co-financed by the European Union.

Solutions vs. challenges upcoming

The innovation of the system being developed under the project is aimed at fully automated configuration of ROI and parameters of data processing functions. Implementation of such a solution requires overcoming several technological challenges, such as, among others: development of a centralized management system for quality control systems in the factory, development of procedures for automatic calibration and parameterization of systems for new formats and products, standardization of the database, algorithms and data processing models for different groups of products.

The system will use auto-calibration and parameterization algorithms for quality control. The use of image processing and template matching functions will allow analysis of the 2D representation of the label and shape of the food product under inspection. The system will allow new formats and labels to be entered, appropriate ROIs (e.g., lot code, EAN) to be set, and settings to be automatically converted to physical 3D products.

Net-zero food system mission by EIT Food

FAT tests conducted on Maspex production lines will cover 50 products. The digital technology developed will translate into increased transparency, traceability and integrity in the food industry. By preventing errors in food packaging, the project will contribute to system resilience, reduce costly recalls and maintain consumer confidence. It also addresses the need to improve food safety and compliance through automated and standardized quality control processes, making a significant impact on sustainability.

The project is in line with the EIT Food organization’s mission to create a net-zero food system by automating quality control processes, reducing waste and optimizing resource use.

More about the implementers

On the communications and promotional side, the project is being looked after by Campden BRI Hungary. This non-profit R+D+I institute is one of the most important service providers for food companies in Eastern and Central Europe. Its aim is to provide prompt, unique, practical and competitive knowledge in the following areas: efficiency improvement and cost reduction, optimizing food technologies, advanced IT and manufacturing solutions, technology and product development, sensory and consumer research, food safety, food law, supply chain management and assistance, training, research and development, and consultancy/advice

Maspex – the largest private company in the food industry in Poland and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe – will ensure that the infrastructure needed for testing is available and that the solution under development is usable in a comprehensive manner.

Deep-tech KSM Vision, which has been bringing R&D solutions to the business world by developing state-of-the-art vision systems for quality control, will develop and implement an automated quality control solution, basing the system architecture on deep neural networks.

Our R&D on the solutions with the use of neural network potential are backed by our renowned partners: