Vision-based quality control systems – why should you consider implementing them in your company?

Article Author KSM Vision Marketing

A vision system may seem like a sizable investment. However, an appropriate ROI (Return on Investment) calculation, which will take into account benefits like e.g.: reducing downtime and production costs of defective products, shows that this investment not only pays back, but also solves many complex problems of Production Departments, just to mention production labor shortages in the market.

What is a vision-based quality control system and how does it work?

A machine vision system is one of the most efficient image processing solutions, which is based on machine vision. Cameras mounted in a machine vision system capture an image, and a computer and software interpret this image and turn it into information accordingly. The vision system, properly calibrated and adapted to the type and characteristics of the products it is supposed to control, scans them, catches deviations from a pre-programmed ideal pattern, and then automatically removes them from the production line.

Advantages of using vision-based quality control systems in your business

Advantage One Speed. Vision-based quality control systems can acquire and analyze data from the production line, up to ten times faster than the human eye with an accuracy of 95 – 99%.

Advantage two Efficiency. Vision systems are able to operate continuously in 24-hour halls, warehouses, sorting plants and distribution centers. Quality control on production lines is characterized by high dynamics, so vision systems will perform much better than human labor.

Advantage three Security. The vision system performs its tasks in a non-contact manner, so there is no risk that the inspected object will be deformed or the measurement disturbed. This is a particularly important aspect in the food or pharmaceutical industry, where contact with the product is inadvisable due to health and safety regulations.

Advantage four Hygiene. This is another unquestionable advantage of installing vision systems. This system will work perfectly wherever there is a need to isolate the human factor, especially due to biological aspects.

Other benefits of installing vision-based quality control systems in a company include. among others:

  • High productivity and operational precision
  • Automation of monotonous manual work
  • Reliable way to control parameters
  • Elimination of defective products and semi-finished products
  • Rejection of mislabeled goods
  • Optimization of raw material consumption
  • Increasing the quality of manufactured goods
  • Streamlining of logistics operations
  • Optimization of costs
  • Reducing the number of complaints


A vision system may seem like a sizable investment at first. However, the above-mentioned advantages, and a proper implementation calculation, which will take into account, for example: reducing downtime and production costs of defective products, allows a quick return on the invested money. A vision system is also an excellent way to collect production data. The resulting databases can be properly analyzed and conclusions can be drawn from them to develop and improve production processes.

Comprehensive services and vision-based quality control systems by KSM Vision

KSM Vision was founded in 2012, driven by the desire to implement cutting-edge analysis technologies in industry. Its beginnings were an academic start-up, which, thanks to strong commitment and passion, developed to eventually obtain patent protection for solutions and begin the first commercial installations of vision-based quality control systems on production lines. At KSM Vision, we combine optical system technology with advanced automation and electronics.

Today at KSM Vision, we have become a trusted partner in the quality control industry. Serving a variety of sectors – including the wood, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries – we provide the reliability and precision you need.

We implement innovative quality control solutions on customers’ modern production lines, minimizing risk, saving time and reducing costs.

We are ISO9001 compliant, ensuring our standards meet global standards of quality and confidence.

In our offer you will find dedicated software that is based on artificial intelligence methods and neural networks. All this is available in a convenient web application that allows remote access to databases, analysis and reports. We also optimize production processes, as well as eliminate possible errors. Our vision control systems allow manual inspection to be reduced to a minimum, thus eliminating unnecessary costs and errors.

At KSM Vision, we design solutions from scratch to help our clients achieve the highest quality production and save time and money through the use of intelligent vision systems.

Our R&D on the solutions with the use of neural network potential are backed by our renowned partners: